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Legendaries Met!
This is the list of legendary Pokemons Team Megas have meeted, from  normal, evil to Team Deboniar legendaries!

Rayquaza, Team Deboniar's Head Commander:

Mewtwo, Team Megas' last true member:

Jirachi from the wish service:

Darkrai, Team Deboniar's commander:

Palkia, Team Deboniar's Scale Trio secret agent:

Future Mewtwo from the future:

Arceus, Team Deboniar's big boss:

Deoxys that ask Team Megas for help:

Dialga, Team Deboniar's Scale Trio secret agent:

Chrest Guardian Shaymin:

Chrest Guardian Cresselia:

Chrest Guardian Regigigas:

More coming soon!

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