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Non-Canon related friends or enemies
Here is the section where I you will find info of characters that are not canon to the main story in any form or shape. The only exceptions are Palkia & Dialga but they only made their official debut in season 2's "Giratina Saga" episode. Them appearing in the special episode #1 & movie #1 are not canon at all by any means and their death means nothing at all.

Team Megas Special Episode #1:

Goku & Vegeta (Friends):

Dr. Gero (Enemy) (Deceased):

Scale Trio Palkia
(Enemy) (Deceased):

Gogeta (Friend):

Team Megas Movie #1:

Blaziken's dad from the past (Friend):

Blaziken's young self in the past (Friend):

Alakazam (Friend):

Celebi (Friend):

Giant Alakazam (Enemy) (Deceased):

Heatran (Deceased):

Scale Trio Dialga (Enemy) (Deceased):

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