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The Chrest Guardians!
The five Crest Guardians!!!
The Crest Guardians are five extremely powerful Pokemons from season 1 chosen to guard the Crest Mountain to prevent anyone from entering and taking the Mystical Chrest away from the mountain, the first to last members are Magnezone, Lucario, Shaymin, Cresselia and Regigigas.

First Crest Guardian, Magnezone:

Megnezone, the first Crest Guardian guarding Section 1 of the Crest Cave, he is somewhat sometimes a clumsy one but is very powerful, the only way to defeat and get pass through him if to enter the train in arena 2 and escape from Section 1.

Second Crest Guardian, Lucario:

Lucario is somewhat a very high level and high attack Pokemon, he appears out of nowhere and attacks the intruders that try to get throuh Section 2. Although he is a high level and attack Pokemon, he has a very low defence, which means he can be defeated quite easily.

Third Crest Guardian, Shaymin:
Normal form:

Sky Form:

Shaymin is a very shy Guardian when its at her normal form, but when complete scared, Shaymin can become very strong and brave.

Fourth Crest Guardian, Cresselia:

Cresselia is a strong Psychic Guardian that can sence any attacks on her enemy which makes her unbeatable, she also will be with Mewtwo in the future episodes.

The fifth and final Crest Guadian, Regigigas:

Regigigas is the toughest Guadian and will never give up so easily and also gets very angry easily which sometimes makes him go beserk.

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