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All Teams Directory!

Team Megas! (I put mine too) (Belong to me, Bestow5000)

Team Hydro! (Belong to XTeamHydroX)

Team Heroes!
(Belong to BlazingGoukazaru)

Team Pack! (Belong to IanXPikachu)

Team Aura! (Belong to ElegentEmpoleon)

Team Pseudo! (Belong to me)

Team Destiny! (Belong to AmbipomxShine)

Team Courage! (Belong to GengarPrincess)

Team Outrage! (Belong to 123321883920)

Team SilverSoul! (Belong to GurahkWeavile)

Team Expedition! (Belong by callumlishman)

Team Forest! (Belong to PikachuXLighting)

Team Eclipse! (Belong to SilverSwampert13)

Team Flash! (Belong to LucarioXBlade)

Team Explosive! (Belong to Alikoyloglu)

Team Reversal! (Belong to RioluXLucario)

Team Explorers! (Belong to WeavilexCrystal)

Team BlackHeart! (Belong to GurahkWeavile)

Team Starlight! (Belong to PikachuXStar)

Team BlackRuby! (Belong to MomentoUmbreon)

Team Emerald! (Belong to WeavilexCrystal)

Team PokeStars (Belong to GurahkWeavile)

Team Shyness! (Belong to AmbipomxShine)

Team Revolution! (Belong to BlazingGoukazaru)

Team Raider! (Belong to TheLunaChan)

Team Victory! (Belong to XTeamVictoryX)

Team DarkNight! (Belong to dragonniro)

Team Cyclone! (Belong to BuizelTide)

Team Diamond! (Belong to DiamondGlaceon)

Team DarkStars! (Belong to DiamondGlaceon)

Team Legacy! (Belong to Darkrai426)

Team Sniper! (Belong to BlastxLucario)

Team Energy! (Belong to BlastxLucario)

Team Trigger! (Belong to TeamTrigger111)

Team Hectic! (Belong to TeamXHectic)

Team Dream! (Belong to PokemonRescueTeams)

Team Boiling Water! (Belong to )

Team Solar! (Belong to XxFlareXBlaziken)

Team Sapphire! (Belong to 95Luxray)

Team Dragon Ball! (Belong to BrittanyXPikachu1)

Team Infinity! (Belong to InfnityXAquos)

Team Miracle! (Belong to BuizelDude)

Team Legend! (Belong to PokemonTrainerAmber)

Team Lost! (Belong to GengarPrincess & uploads on BlazingGoukazaru)

Team EchoSpike! (Belong to lucariolover6192)

Team Ruby! (Belong to ZoroarkXStar)

Team Rai! (Belong to PatXZoroark)

Team Cross! (Belong to PaulxUzakai)

Team SpiritFang! (Belong to Chaz Walser)

Team Unity! (Belong to Chaz Walser)

Team Bioshock! (Belong to Chaz Walser)

Team Ferus! (Belong to CosmicVictini)

Team Mirage! (Belong to SilverSwampert13)

Team Awesome! (Belong to AwesomeAbsol12)

Team Illustrious! (Belong to BlazingGoukazaru & SilverSwampert13)

Team Dominate! (Belong to bubbalove57)

Team Flawless! (Belong to FireSwallow Tanager)

Team Vengeance! (Belong to PatTheZoroark)

Team Signer! (Belong to srmthfg64)

Team Harmony! (Belong to Platymon47

Team Radiance! (Belong to Rosie98244)

Team Diamond! (Belong to ShyLil'Bunny)

Team Legacy! (Belong to prettypurplebunny123)

Team Pact! (Belong to ilovepokemonize1)

Team Sapphire! (Belong to ShinyPikachu231)

Team Break! (Belong to koopafalco765)

Team Erony! (Belong to FuseAnity Freak)

Team Arcane! (Belong to FuseAnity Freak)

Team Skyress! (Belong to Black Strider 123)

Team Fossil! (Belong to
 Chaz Walser)

Team Aura! (Belong to OfficialRiolu)

Team Spikes! (Belong to BlazingGoukazaru)

Team Debonair! (Belong to me)

Team Impact! (Belong to RazorGliscor)

Team Omega! (Belong to Black Strider 123)

Team Willpower! (Belong to PaulxUzukai)

Team Inferno! (Belong to MewMewJingJing)

Team FireStar! (Belong to GurahkWeavile)

Team Bulbadile! (Belong to Hey Arnold)

Team Awaken! (Belong to me)

Team Destiny! (Belong to DynamiteXTwilight)

Team Destiny! (Belong to TheXD001)

Team Pearl! (Belong to PikachuXStar)

Team Thunder Strikers! (Belong to LucarioXBlade)

Team Crushers! (Belong to me)

Team Diamond! Belong to pokechamp106)

Team Firepower! (Belong to sasukekunai1)

Team Moonlight! (Belong to MiraxDelcatty)

Team Moonsoul! (Belong to MemoriesOfWolves)

Team DarkMoon! (Belong to MemoriesOfWolves)

Team Braveheart! (Belong to 

Team ShadowHunter! (Belong to MemoriesOfWolves)

Team Missile! (Belong to MemoriesOfWolves)

Team Firetail! (Belong to PalkiaMaster30)

Team Epic! (Belong to Amayakatsumi)

Team Ice Crystals! (Belong to PokegirlPiplup)

Team Jayce! (Belong to MsSuperbass1234)

Team Joy! (Belong toMsSuperbass1234)

Team Katty! (Belong toMsSuperbass1234)

Team Swift! (Belong to MsSuperbass1234)

Team MegaStar! (Belong to MsSuperbass1234)

Team Jandy! (Belong to MsSuperbass1234)

Team Umbreon! (Belong to MsSuperbass1234)

Team Wolf Fang! (Belong to dogindagrass)

Team Ferretluve! (Belong to Luigi0the0wolf)

Team Masterquest! (Belong to Hoenleugechampian)

Team Resolution! (Belong to Endlesspokechu)

Team Wave! (Belong to AwesomeAbsol12)

Team Toxic! (Belong to Classy Dragon)

Team Chem! (Belong to Kiro The Blaziken)

Team Joestar! (Belong to Kiro The Blaziken)

Team Legacy! (Belong to prettypurplebunny123)

Team Break! (Belong to koopafalco765)

Team Crusaders! (Belong to mrblitzinfernape)

Team StormStriker! (Belong to Pikatwig16)

Team Elements! (Belong to TFmelissa1)

Team Auburn! (Belong to XxFlareXBlaziken)

Team Blitzstar! (Belong to des01211)

Team Iris! (Belong to XxIrisXLucario)

Team Elite! (Belong to pipchar33)

Team Comet! (Belong to pipchar33)

More coming soon...

If you have seen more team that is not in here, please contact me at my YouTube username "Bestow5000" or send a message to me at
laulouis@live.com or laulouis15@yahoo.com

Thank you all.
~Sincerly, Megas, the creator of Team Megas.


The last comments on this page:
Comment posted by KiroTheBlaziken, 09/18/2016 at 6:26pm (UTC):
I want my team to be on the website, too.

Comment posted by ChazWalser, 05/07/2016 at 8:11pm (UTC):
I guess you can also add Team Power Fang who's leader is Colton's former enemy, now one of his his and Blake's closest friend and rival, Dragonite

Comment posted by PaulxUzukai, 01/06/2014 at 9:55pm (UTC):
Hey if you are wondering, cancel out team justice and put Team Willpower in there and the leader is Blair the Milotic thanks

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Comment posted by Chaz Walser, 12/16/2013 at 4:20am (UTC):
Whenever you get the chance.
Team Spirit Fang-leader: Hydreigon(no surprise)
Team Bioshock-leader: Haxorus

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