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Team Pseudo
Team Pseudo, a vicious rival team of Team Megas. Team Pseudo's original goal is to find the leader's stolen medal but as their advanture spans, they also added a new goal and which is: To be the strongest Pokemon teams no other team are.
Here are the list of the members. 

The determined and yet powerful leader, Garchomp:

When he was a kid, he was supposingly to be a more cheerful and friendly Pokemon. But after his medal got stolen, he instantly became something else. Something more angry, vicious and brutal. He vows to get back his stolen medal, and also get his revenge on whoever that attacked him and stole his medal. Garchomp realizes that getting back his medal isn't the only thing he should be doing. His next and more dedicated goal is to be the strongest like no one else. He believes in nothing but power, and only focuses on it along with skill and strategy. He is surprisingly smart during combats, and rarely becomes reckless. He easily gets angry as well. After meeting the Legendary Blaziken and losing to him, his next goal is to defeat Blaziken no matter what the cause is. He trains very hard until his goal is achieved and he will not be stopped. Although he's quite mean and cocky at times, he is shown to have a good heart inside of him, but rarely. He uses his power only for competitive matches, rather than for the evil and he still helps others that are truly in need. His next toughest rival is Blaze the Infernape from Team Heroes.

The smartest member in the team, Metagross:

Metagross, like Mewtwo from Team Megas, is a quiet and intelligent member. He is known to be the second in command of Team Pseudo, and Garchomp's right hand man as well as best friend. He focuses on seeing through his opponent's weakness before making a move. He is just very powerful, and hardly loses just like Garchomp. Unlike other Team Pseudo members, he isn't the mean kind. He is shown to be a well-mannered Pokemon and respects others. He helps anyone that needs to be help, and shows sign of pity. He's also the serious kind and he rarely gets angry or sometimes even shout.

The meanest member, Salamence:

Infamous for being a name calling Pokemon. Salamence is one of a kind that doesn't treats his opponents nicely. He loves to mock his opponents during the battle, and also calls his opponents names too before battling. While strong, he is considered the weakest member in the team and can lose quite often due to his reckless fighting skill and how frail he is. Even though Salamence is a very rude and unfriendly, he shows signs of care to his fellow teammates.

The bulky and fierce one, Tyranitar:

Tyranitar is another one of the few quiet members in the team. He is infamous for grabbing any incoming charging opponents, then throw his opponent away or hurt them. He tries to guard his teammates alongside with Metagross. He never trusts anyone outside of his team and Team Megas themselves. He is a honorable fighter and sometimes, he will compliment his opponent after the battle if he wishes to.

The one that's always angry and nothing else, Dragonite:

He always, and always angry. Dragonite knows only all about attacking and little defense. But despite that, he's still rather bulky and considerably strong at attacking. He is a force to be reckon in the team. Only a few can beat him. Because of an unknown reason, Dragonite is now always angry and he never smiles or smirk. The only other two other emotions he has is being worried, surprised or shocked. Dragonite may be always angry, but he still cares for his friends and will protect them, and vow to avenge them if anyone tries to mess with his friends.

The aggressive and weakest member, Hydreigon:

No info.

The nicest member, Goodra

No info.

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