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Team Megas episodes!


 Here is the list of all the episodes that have aired on YouTube:


Season 1:

Episode 1: The beginning!
Episode 2: High School Fun!
Episode 3: The Field Begins!
Episode 4: Deboniars In Action!
Episode 5: Exam Days Grace Part 1 and 2!
Episode 6: Graduations On!
Episode 7: Team Megas Begins!
Episode 8: Mewtwo Strikes Here!
Episode 9: Esric & Rayquaza?
Episode 10: The way to the bats!
Episode 11: Team Charm!
Episode 12: Gardevoir's Secret!
Episode 13: Rage Of Evil!
Episode 14: Team SilverSoul!
Episode 15 Charizard Returns!
Episode 16: Jirachi Wish Maker!
Episode 17: Darkrai Saga Part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!
Episode 18: Team Heroes!
Episode 19: Casino Royale!
Episode 20: Team Pseudo!
Episode 21: The Secret Of The Mystical Chrest!
Episode 22: Team Explosive!
Episode 23: Team Destiny!
Episode 24: The Return Of Pseudo!
Episode 25: Explosive vs Pseudo!
Special Episode Part 1 to 3!
Episode 26: Training Daze!
Episode 27: In the future...
Episode 28: Abomasnow Saga Part 1 to 13!
Episode 29: Without the leader...
Episode 30: Return of the future!
Episode 31: Blaziken's Return!
Episode 32: Team Courage!
Episode 33: Abomasnow's Deadly Return Part 1 and 2!
Episode 34: Team Pack!
Episode 35: Rayquaza Saga Part 1 to 10!
Episode 36: Shiny Metagross's Wrath 3 Parts
Episode 37: Team Aura!
Episode 38: Blaziken vs Charizard!
Episode 39: The Way To The Chrest Part 1 to 6!
Episode 40: End Of The Line 8 Parts!

Season 2 current episodes and upcoming future episodes:

Episode 41: The start of another new adventure!
Episode 42: Menace Thye Rhyperior!
Episode 43: Team Crusher 2 parts!
Episode 44: Team Charm, we meet again!
Episode 45: Garchomp's true romantic feelings!
Episode 46: Team BlackHeart 2 parts!
Episode 47: Scizor's icy love!
Episode 48: Psychoo Saga 5 Parts!
Episode 49: Team Explorers!
Episode 50: Team Pseudo's rampage, Team Megas vs Team Pseudo 4 Parts
Episode 51: The 'original' meeting 3 Parts!
Episode 52: Team Pseudo leaving to Unova!
Episode 53: Shipwrecked!
Episode 54: Attack Of The Go-Go Camerupt!
Episode 55: Nicknames?
Episode 56: Charizard Saga 5 Parts
Episode 57: Team Eclipse!
Episode 58: Future Mewtwo's fate
Episode 59: A darkness returning
Episode 60: A Go-Go Slaking Destruction! 
Episode 61: Scizor Saga! 5 Parts
Episode 62: Team Revolution!
Episode 63: Mewtwo's shining moon
Episode 64: Training time!
Episode 65: The Truth
Episode 66: Giratina Saga! 6 Parts
Episode 67: Team Destination!
Episode 68: Rest, Go & Enjoy!
Episode 69: Exhibition Match! Team Megas vs Team Revolution!
Episode 70: The Tournament!

More coming soon...

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I have only like 30 episodes so far tho' lol

BUT PLZ....check it out sometime

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