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Team Megas' friends!

Blaziken's childhood friend Charizard (Deceased):

Charizard was an old childhood frind of Blaziken. They were truly best friends until one day during the exam matc, he lost to Blaziken. This completely broke Charizard's friendship torwards Blaziken and make him go beserk. Even though Blaziken apologizes to him many times, he still swores to have his revenge against Blaziken and his team. He was utterly defeated many times being that he is no match for the 'Legendary Blaziken' but in season two, this time, with his newly formed team, Team Crusher, and he is the leader. Soon, he returned with a brand new form but with a change of heart. He finally learned that he was wrong the whole time after a private conversation he had with his aunt Mawile and he learned that Blaziken was not trying to screw him over. He soon passed away shortly after his battle against Giratina.

Members of Team Crusher:

Smash The Blastoise

Strong, dare devil and holds grudge.

Star The Umbreon:

Shy and Quiet.

Liza The Glaceon:

Bossy But Loyal To Charizard

Shadow The Mismagius:


Blaziken's good friend Sudowoodo:

Team Charm:

Team Hydro:

Team Pseudo:

Jirachi (Deceased):

Piplup from Florima Town that has evolved into an Empoleon:




Future Mewtwo:



Blaziken's dad from the past:

Blaziken's young self in the past:

Team SilverSoul:

Team Heroes:

Team Explosive:

Team Destiny:

Team Courage:

Team Pack:

Team Aura:

Team Explorers:

Team Lost:

Team Eclipse:

Team Revolution:



Blaziken and Gardevoir's daughter, Kirlia!:

Some info about Kirlia: Well not excatly a friend, its a daughter. She is also the main reason why Team Megas season 2 started. Well you'll see soon on episode 41!

Menace The Rhyperior:

Menace was onced a Team Debonair Elite Grunt until our heroes convinced him not to be evil anymore and do good. He then bonded a good friendship Team Megas, Menace then will reappear to help Team Megas in future episodes soon. He also has an anger issue which has a hatred of Team Pseudo's Garchomp for mocking him before.

Operation Corps:

Pawniard (Deceased):

Bisharp (Deceased):

Dusknoir (Deceased):

Altaria (Deceased):

Zoroark (Deceased):

More coming soon!



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